Adopt a Horse

Whether you're searching for your first horse or looking to add to your herd, please consider giving the gift of a loving and forever home to a special horse in need. Each of the horses available for adoption through Allegiance Ranch and Equine Rescue has a different story; some we know and others we can only guess at. What they all have in common is that they're in need of loving care and reliable humans to accept them unconditionally. Horses are amazing, empathic creatures who can serve as wonderful companions to humans and animals alike. Please consider adopting  or sponsoring one of these wonderful horses in need. 


Adoption Process

  1. Visit us at Allegiance Ranch and meet the horse(s) that you are interested in. We will evaluate your experience and abilities with the abilities and personality of the horse.
  2. Home Inspection. We will determine if the potential home is suitable for the specific needs of the horse. We consider size of property, shelter, feeding schedule, water access, companion animals, fencing and how well the property is maintained.
  3. Adoption Paperwork & Fee. An adoption contract and fee is requested. Adoption fee varies by horse and all details of the adoption contract are required.
  4. Going Home. The horse may go home with his/her new family and settle in.
  5. Home Visits. There will be two home visits within the first six months to ensure that the rescue horse and new family are doing well together and to continue the evaluation of the horse property and horse's overall health.
  6. Brand Inspection. If the new home passes the required home visits and it is determined the horse is receiving consistent care and attention, Allegiance Ranch will sign over the brand inspection at six months. The details of the adoption contract with Allegiance Ranch stand for the lifespan of the horse.
  7. A new life together. Congratulations and thank you! You’ve helped a horse find a loving home.