Welcome to Allegiance Ranch

We need your help! Allegiance Ranch has an opportunity to purchase first cut hay at a great price. This purchase would help ensure we have plenty of hay through the winter for the rescue horses.  We need financial support RIGHT NOW to make this happen. If you’re able to help, please consider a donation today! Donations can be made in person at the ranch (checks payable to Allegiance Ranch and Equine Rescue) or via PayPal. To sweeten the deal, we have a special offer! Donations of a $100 receive a small (10”X19”) wooden flag, donations of $150 receive a medium (19”X36”) wooden flag, and donations of $500 or more receive a large (32”X60”) wooden flag. You can choose your finish: wood burnt only, stained, or painted. These flags are handmade at Allegiance Ranch by Dan and Gaby Timmons! Shipping charges not included in donation but free delivery within 40 miles of the ranch. Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

10″ x 19 ” Stained Wood Flag $100 Hay Donation

19″ x 6″ Burnt Wood Flag

19″ x 36″ Painted Wood Flag $150 Hay Donation
19″ x 36″ Burnt Wood Flag $150 Hay Donation

32″ x 60″ $500 Hay Donation picture coming soon