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OUR MISSION is to help horses and heroes by offering a safe place for healing, developing a sense of purpose, and establishing meaningful connections between horses and humans.

At Allegiance Ranch, we provide a safe and welcoming place for veterans, active duty military, first responders, and their families, to find release from everyday challenges. We rely on donor support to ensure ongoing care and training for our rescued horses and offer our programs at no charge to these heroes.


Marine Veteran

It’s meaningful to make a difference in the horses’ lives from being abused to total love and caring, which will help them get adopted out to a good family one day. I also like the events for veterans and their families. If you love horses and want to be a part of a great cause, this is the place for you. It’s like being part of a big family that all comes together to do something good, and in turn
you feel good about yourself.”

– Dave Usher, Marine Veteran

Army Veteran

[Allegiance Ranch] touches the lives of all those who step on the silt, clay, and sand of Colorado dirt and grass. What this place has done was allow me to write my own story on how I chose and found help. The ranch owners provide an abundance of resources but allow you to get that help at your own pace. For me personally, I can find solace talking with other people who had served and are going through life’s downward moments. It’s a safe place where I can talk about traumatic moments in my life as well as help others
with theirs or have experience similar moments. In complicated world, we need moments of comfort and happiness. [The ranch] gives me something to look forward to throughout the week as well as personal fulfillment.
– Power Em, Army Veteran

Wife of Marine Veteran

I know we can visibly see the good that the ranch does for its equine patrons. Saving them from dark fates that most of us don’t want to befall companion animals. What may be harder for many to see is the good the ranch does for veterans and their families, in part because we’re used to taking care of ourselves. Thankfully for us the ranch is a family of service members and their families. They
get us. They know to respect time, silence and crabbiness. The ranch gives us freedom to be ourselves, if not with people, with our four-legged friends. More so to those we love who have served. Watching my husband spend quiet, contented moments with the horses is a real gift for me.

– Heather Neylon

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Allegiance Ranch and Equine Rescue, Inc.

Allegiance Ranch and Equine Rescue, Inc.

A safe place for veterans, first responders, and their families to spend time with horses.

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Allegiance Ranch and Equine Rescue, Inc.
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