Volunteer Spotlight

This is the place we introduce the wonderful members of our Allegiance community who help make our mission to help horses and heroes possible. Today we’re introducing Zoey Snyder. Zoey found us in 2018 and dragged her mom with her to our Open House. Her love for horses along with being a daughter of a Marine veteran, Allegiance Ranch felt like the right fit. Wise beyond her years and willing to jump in to help anywhere needed, Zoey and her parents Roxy and Jerome quickly became a part of the Allegiance Ranch family. We are grateful to have them!

What initially drew you to Allegiance Ranch? I found Allegiance Ranch through an advertisement for an open house in which my mom and I attended. After completing the orientation and coming out a few times after, I found that I loved everything about the ranch. The mission and the horses.

What do you find most meaningful or enjoyable about volunteering your time at the ranch? Establishing a connection with each of the horses is by far the most meaningful and rewarding aspect to me as a volunteer. I love learning about the horses’ quirks and personalities, along with learning more about equines in general.

Do you have a favorite rescue horse? All of the horses at the ranch mean a lot to me, but Poppy has a special place in my heart.

What would you tell someone who’s thinking about volunteering at the ranch? Go for it. You’ll meet so many great people and have opportunities you wouldn’t have even thought were possible for you. Allegiance Ranch is a peaceful and friendly environment to learn more about equines.