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This is the place we introduce the wonderful members of our Allegiance community who help make our mission to help horses and heroes possible. Today we’re introducing Emerald Smith. Emerald found us in January 2020 and quickly became a valued member of the Allegiance family. She has spent her time at the ranch helping with mucking, grooming and working horses, and a significant amount of time training the miniature horses who have come a long way with her help. She has also helped with our horsemanship clinics and annual Heroes and Horses Hoedown. Like so many of our valued volunteers, Emerald is a real gem (pun intended).

What initially drew you to Allegiance Ranch? I had been looking for a way to gain more experience working with horses and rescue animals in general. My friend suggested volunteering at a horse rescue, and I found the Ranch’s website. I really like that Allegiance Ranch not only provides a new home for rescue horses, but I also appreciate the work they do for veterans and the support they show for military and law enforcement.

What do you find most meaningful or enjoyable about volunteering your time at the ranch? I love working with the horses that have come from backgrounds where they didn’t get the attention and care they should have. It’s fulfilling to work with some very shy horses and see the improvements they make over time.

Do you have a favorite rescue horse? Tilly! She’s a beautiful young horse and so willing to learn.

What would you tell someone who’s thinking about volunteering at the ranch? Absolutely take the time to come visit! Being able to spend time on a ranch and be around animals is such a nice change from being down in Denver. Just to be around the horses for a little while takes away a lot of stress. I hope to continue helping here for a very long time! Allegiance Ranch genuinely appreciates all their volunteers and it’s been a wonderful place to work.