We intercepted this beautiful draft cross at auction in February 2020 to prevent her from landing in the slaughter pipeline. At 12 years old, she’s both gentle and smart although it is clear she was not treated kindly in her previous life. She has been a wonderful addition to our Veteran riding programs and she is universally loved by veterans and volunteers alike. We named her Tehya which is Native American for “precious” and this girl is most definitely precious.¬†¬†
Tehya is sponsored by
Catherine Cusimano 

This Dun Roan filly’s rescue home fell through when she was just four months old. We were asked to give her a safe place to land and how could we refuse this face? Livy is now almost five years old and has come a long way, but is still pretty green. Smart and sweet, she was recently diagnosed with a neurological disease and will not be rideable.
Sponsored by David Usher. 
Available for Sanctuary/Companion/Foster
to an experienced home that will commit to her ongoing care.

This sweet sorrel mare was rescued along with her young foal, Tilly. We offered a rescue home for Tasha and Tilly but funds were not raised in time. Tasha was set to be separated from her foal, but at the last minute a horse angel found a way to give her a second chance at life. Tasha was fearful of humans upon arriving at the ranch, but she’s come a long way. Given the trauma in her past, Tasha is best suited as a companion horse and requires an experienced home.  
Tasha needs a sponsor!
Available for Sanctuary/Companion/Foster  

This beautiful girl and her mama, Tasha, found themselves purchased at auction by a kill buyer. We were approached by good samaritans who bailed her and her mama, and we offered them a soft place to land. Tilly’s a sweet and sassy six-year-old who is very popular with our volunteers. She’s had professional training and is getting more practice under saddle. She will do best with an experienced rider.  
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Available for adoption

Valor was only 3 months old when he and his mama, Victory, were purchased at auction by a kill buyer. Babies in that situation face illness and the risk of injury is high. We offered a rescue home to Valor and his mama, and they came to Allegiance Ranch in June 2017. Valor was very ill and we weren’t sure he would make it, but he’s a gorgeous young gelding making great progress in his training. He is one of the permanent residents at the ranch and with additional time under saddle will become a member of the veteran riding herd. 

Victory and her foal (Valor) were very ill when they arrived at Allegiance Ranch. We nursed them to health and with patience, love, and training, Victory is a testament to what rescue can do. Not only is she fully rideable but she went to college! She’s attending the University of Montana Western with her person studying in the Natural Horsemanship program. At eleven years old, she’s gentle, strong, and beautiful with just the right balance of sweetness and sass.
Victory is sponsored by the Timmons Family.

This lovely grey Arabian was found abandoned, tied to a post and left to die. We found her through Colorado Horse Rescue and she’s part of our forever herd. Mariposa means butterfly in Spanish and she is as unique and beautiful as her namesake, although known for her sassy attitude. Despite her diva ways, she’s a favorite among our volunteers. Mariposa participates in horsemanships clinics and equine therapy sessions.

Gizmo and Georgie
These mini-donkeys are as cute as they can be and serve as the Allegiance Ranch mascots. When they first arrived at the ranch they were afraid of people and would run if you tried to touch them. Now they’re equal parts sweet and ornery, but literally eating out of our hands. These funny boys are favorites among visitors to the ranch and particularly great for those new to horses. Their small size make them less intimidating for beginners!
Gizmo and Georgie need sponsors!
Your monthly sponsorship donation is directed specifically to the donkeys’ care. They have their very own farrier who visits every 8 weeks like clockwork. As their sponsor, you can choose to visit them at the ranch or receive monthly email updates.

Mr. Waffles

The mini-horses are the darlings of the ranch. Mr. Waffles is our newest addition to the ranch and was not treated well in his past life. It’s taking some time and patience for him to learn to trust again, but he’s making great strides. This guy is cute as can be and as sweet as maple syrup on waffles.

Mr. Waffles needs a sponsor!

Your monthly sponsorship donation is directed specifically to the care of the horse you sponsor. As their sponsor, you can choose to visit them at the ranch or receive monthly email updates.


Sweet and sassy, smart and strong, Poppy works well with our newest and our youngest visitors at the ranch but also is a great partner to the toughest of veterans. She came to us from another rescue and took some time to get comfortable, but is now right at home in our herd.

We were looking for a horse and happened upon another rescue organization by chance. There we found Montez who was said to have been a ranch horse in Oklahoma, but at 16 years old was “all washed up”. To our eyes he was perfect, and now he’s part of our forever herd and serves as a therapy horse. Montez means mountain in Spanish and he is the bedrock of our herd.
Montez is sponsored by The Timmons Family

We’re told this beauty is a Mustang/Draft cross from the Sand Wash Basin herd in Colorado. She is 22 years young and serves as a riding horse in our Veteran programs. She is a favorite among the veterans and great with beginner riders and children.
Sponsored by Grady Eastman

Two Socks
This old guy came to us when his loving owner of 29 years could no longer care for him. We retired him from work but he enjoys being groomed and loved on. He’s a sweet and grumpy old dude and a favorite of all who meet him. Two Socks was diagnosed with Cushings disease in 2021. He is on medication that manages his disease and also on a special diet due to his age and lack of teeth. Despite his age, he’s the King of the North herd. All hail King Socks!
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IN MEMORIAM We were heartbroken to help Shoshone over the rainbow bridge. During her time at Allegiance Ranch she made a lasting impact on all who spent time with her, including our community members, veterans, and children. She did it all, from working with veterans during horsemanship clinics, supporting children learning to ride, riding in the 4th of July Parade, and standing quietly for new volunteers learning to groom. Shoshone was sweet, sassy, and larger than life and we’ll forever miss her.
IN MEMORIAM We were very sad to lose Kaine in April 2018. He was quite the character! When he was abandoned in the summer of 2017, a multitude of horse angels saw fit to save him but he had nowhere to go. Allegiance Ranch gave him a soft place to land. Kaine was at least 300 pounds underweight when he arrived and dealing with Cushings disease. Kaine rebounded for several months and we gave him lots of love and groceries, but in the end he wasn’t able to fight the deterioration caused by the disease. He was humanely euthanized on April 30, 2018.