Our Mission

Allegiance Ranch and Equine Rescue’s mission is to help horses and heroes by offering a safe place for healing, developing a sense of purpose, and establishing meaningful connections between horses and humans.

“Our goal is to rescue horses before they end up in the slaughter pipeline. We want to help horse owners who may need short-term assistance and those who can no longer care for their horses. Whether they need short-term financial support for feed or vet bills or they can no longer keep or care for their horses, we will provide training, rehabilitation and find new homes or use them as therapy horses. If we don’t reach those owners in need early enough, we’ll intercept horses at auction before they end up in the slaughter pipeline.”

“Horses and heroes need a safe place for healing, a sense of purpose and meaningful connections. Equine therapy is an effective and impactful tool for veterans and first responders struggling with the symptoms of post traumatic stress and traumatic brain injuries. Allegiance Ranch and Equine Rescue’s facility will partner with equine assisted therapy practitioners using models such as Eagala and Path International. We are committed to providing an environment conducive to equine therapeutic services by offering riding arenas and private meeting areas on premises.”