Our Impact


At Allegiance Ranch, we believe in the transformative power of horses and the unwavering resilience of our heroes—veterans, active duty military, and first responders. Our mission is simple: to help horses and heroes find healing, purpose, and connection.

Through welcoming these heroes to the ranch and their participation in our services and programs, we not only celebrate the spirit of our community but also showcase the tangible impact of our programs on the lives of those we serve. Here’s a glimpse into the transformative work made possible by your support:

Empowering Veterans, Active Duty Military, and First Responders The ranch and its programs provide a sanctuary for our heroes, offering them a safe space to navigate the challenges of post-traumatic stress, physical injuries, mental and emotional challenges, and the everyday stressors of life. Through unstructured time with horses, equine-assisted programs, social gatherings, and horsemanship clinics, we empower our heroes to reclaim their sense of purpose and allow them to connect with others with similar backgrounds and experiences. 

Rescuing and Rehabilitating Horses Just as our heroes find refuge at Allegiance Ranch, so too do our rescued horses. With your support, we’re able to rehabilitate horses who were neglected and abused, providing them with the care and training they need to thrive. These horses play a vital role in our therapeutic programs, offering companionship, trust, and unconditional acceptance to those in need. They too find purpose through their interactions with everyone who spends time at the ranch. 

Creating Lasting Connections At Allegiance Ranch, we understand the profound impact of human-animal bonds. Through our programs, we facilitate meaningful connections between humans and horses, fostering relationships that transcend words and touch the deepest parts of the soul. These connections serve as a source of healing, resilience, and hope for our heroes and their families, and for the community at large.

Providing Free Programs Thanks to the generosity of our donors and sponsors, all our programs are offered at no charge to our heroes. Financial barriers should never stand in the way of someone receiving the support they need, and your contributions ensure that cost is never a barrier to healing at Allegiance Ranch. Weekly veteran riding lessons, the monthly muster, horsemanship clinics, and the weekly horse group are all examples of impactful programs offered at no charge through your generous support. 

Measurable Impact We measure the impact of our programs not just in numbers but in stories of transformation. From increased confidence and improved mental well-being to strengthened relationships and a renewed sense of purpose, the impact of your support is tangible and far-reaching. The impact of Allegiance Ranch on veteran and first responder suicide prevention is evident in the lives we’ve touched and the positive changes we’re facilitating. Veterans who have spent time here have told us this place and these horses have saved their lives. We can’t measure the impact of even one life changing moment, and here, there are many.  

Together, we can continue to make a difference in the lives of our heroes and their families. Thank you for your unwavering support of Allegiance Ranch and our mission to help horses and heroes find healing, purpose, and connection.