Volunteer Spotlight

This is the place we introduce the wonderful members of our Allegiance community who help make our mission to help horses and heroes possible. Today we’re introducing Angela Callahan. Angela found us in 2022 and came out to orientation in April that year. We immediately loved her warmth, her laid back vibe, and her love for animals. Although she’d been away from horses for awhile, it was as if no time had passed as she was immediately comfortable being with the horses and willing to help with any and all chores. She was greatly relied on during the long winter as one of our regular feeders and continues to be a regular at volunteer hours and whenever she’s needed. We love having Angela as a part of our community.

What initially drew you to Allegiance Ranch? I had just moved to the area and was looking for somewhere to volunteer that I could spend time with horses and meet new people with similar interests. After some searching online for horse rescues I ran across Allegiance Ranch and loved the mission not only rescuing horses but also helping veterans and first responders, felt like a double give back. I attended the volunteer orientation and felt so welcomed by everyone, even though I hadn’t spent much time around horses in the last ten years. After meeting Gloria and Dan, learning about the ranch, their acceptance of different skill levels, and the flexibility of volunteer time, it felt like a great match for me.

What do you find most meaningful or enjoyable about volunteering your time at the ranch? I am grateful for all the people I have met and friends I have made at the ranch, all from different backgrounds and experiences. I am always learning something and everyone is so helpful. I feel at peace when I’m working with the horses and feel like I’m doing something good with my time.

Do you have a favorite rescue horse? I really love them all, they have such unique personalities, including the goats!  I do feel like I’ve especially bonded with Two Socks and Tasha though, I find myself spending the most time with them. Even though Two Socks can be a grump sometimes, I guess he’s earned it at his age.

What would you tell someone who’s thinking about volunteering at the ranch? Do it!   You will meet amazing people and be learning new things all the time.  There are a variety of volunteer opportunities not just limited to ranch work and you do get the ability to work with the animals if that is what you’re looking for.  It is an extremely fulfilling way to spend your time, giving back to animals, veterans, and first responders.   Dan, Gloria, and their daughters have created a wonderful welcoming ranch that provides many volunteer opportunities to a variety of skill sets.  The events they host through the year like family day, are also another great opportunity to volunteer or just have some fun attending.